HAUL: Etude house <3


Hello hello, Im back! ^^ since its the holidays I want to update this blog. And here is something new, a haul! Hoots! My first few buys from etude house .

the paper bag
the membership card [oh, so cute]
{ E V E R Y T H I N G }

so, my mum wanted to buy this, because her colleague recomended her. So she have decided to get it. and i was also eyeing on the Dear Darling Tint (but i did get it ūüė¶ next time ,next time ūüôā )

Precious Mineral Any Cushion [Natural beige W13] and its free gifts
Precious Mineral Any Cushion

[ C L O S E – U P ]
Aloe Moistfull Mask Sheet [ S A M P L E ]
Wonder Pore Freshner [ S A M P L E ]
Color Lips-fit Lipgloss [ S A M P L E ]
Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Refill [Magic Peach] [ M O R E B U Y S ]
Lovely Cookie Blusher [ #6 Grapefruit Jelly ] [M O R E B U Y S ]
[ T H E B A C K S I D E ]
Lip & Eye Remover [ M O R E  B U Y S ]

Free gifts for a purchase of $60 and above

Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Body Wash & Body Lotion [ F R E E G I F T ] ( Damn, this stuff smells awesome, i can smell the smell even by not opening the box )
[ T H E  I N S I D E ]
I Need You, Pomegranate ! & I Need You, Green Tea ! Sheet Masks [ F R E E G I F T ]
AC Clinic Daily Skin Care Kit [ F R E E G I F T ]
[ T H E I N S I D E ] ( smells herbal-ly /medicine-ly ,the “good for your skin” smell )
Tissue [ F R E E G I F T ]

With SHINee at the back
And Lastly the SHINee fan

Just because of the free gift , my mum had to buy the Lip and Eye Remover and the green tea nose pack (which i forgot to take pic ><) should have gotten the lip tint, but its fine ,my mum said that we have way too much lip products [but how can one have too much lip products] and i agree. meh its fine i will buy it the next time i drop by.

So the other day i was at vivo city and i went to their etude house .That was my first time buying something in etude house.

Play Nail Smoothing Base Coat

I always have mixed feelings about going into etude house, i always hate how open the Tampines 1 outlet was, and also i would not buy anything whenever i head in because it is awkward for me to walk out empty handed. but now my mum actually gives me permission to buy anything from etude house that i find good, then im not afraid to head in to buy the lip product ( I just realised im a lip product hoarder, but im only a makeup junkie :/ )

okay, Imma head to bed now.. peww what a long post.. too me so long to upload those pics …oh and congrats for making it till the end.

anyway good night world. i will check back for the review for some of the products seen above and also some that i bought recently.. hehe im like going for a gss spree~

Love, thazelina xo



Craft Update : Book Binding


Hi, im back. Again. For one of the longest time im back updating.

Those books( I still have oe more but it is my notebook for school and it does not have the prettiest outer cover so yeah.. im not gonna show) you see above are binded before 2014, around the end of the year of 2013 when I  have loads of time at home. I was gonna make my own planner ( and I did) Hoots! But these are not the planner, they are some notebooks ( lines and blank ones) I made with a tutorial on YouTube. Sea Lemon is the BEST at book binding. i really love her and her videos ,she is so cute ><

ok we can clearly see that i still have one book left that do not have the Coptic stitch. im just pure lazy..


The first book i binded was the big one (A6). It is made with A4 plain paper. Covered with my precious washi tape collection. The cover is made with a cereal box. Stitched with coptic stitch. Added with my touch of a simple sticker of my own.

/hides at a corner/ the binding ,oh god. not so good But hey, look at those pandas dancing ^-^
/still hiding at the corner/ nope…its still bad…
handmade stickers with stamps ^-^ p.s. i made the cat one /proud/ nah. it’s badly crafted. But its my first stamp, so whatevs.


made with pretty much the same things, the only thing different is that this is recycled with an old A5 exercise book I had, so it has lines and its pretty much like a square, that is around 8-9 cm. And this cover is pretty artsy

this stitching is worst than before what the hell is wrong with my brain?
but look at the back, it’s so pretty

043same as the one before, but this cover is of the cutesy side. And i tied a string there.

At least this stiching is better looking.
to be completed.

so that wraps up my book binding craft update..

thazelina  xoxo

Dead O.o

Hi, it has been a while.. eek. I have my reasons. I am currently a design student.. i have quite a fair bit of work to do.. it doesnt seem much. But for a procrastinator like me, its always me burning midnight oil and sleeping at 2( which the seniors say its normal, we might not even have sleep when we are in yr 3 when we are doing our final project)
I have been wanting to craft. But school is already alot for me.. too much drawing [ and its not my forte] even the hands-on  are also pretty chim. Some times i just dont understand the lecturers. Maybe its just me, cause i may still not used to the transition,  but it has already been 4weeks … i dont know how to feel and what to feel…
I kinda regret coming for this course, but i kinda like it still..  it is unique in its own way..
By today,I have made a bunch of friends ; a few we clique well, dont even know how we even started to talk [hahaha when we talked about it, we really dont know how we even started talking to one another XD] of course, seeing some people’s true colours ; talking to people whom i actually was never close since day1.
For an introvert like me, 4weeks and i have done so much socializing, im actually proud of myself.. normally i will have 2-3 friends that im really close with, and hardly talk to anybody,.unless i really have to. But now, i have these few friends that im kinda close with, more friends i can work with, and i socialize with everyone(almost ><) .

Ok goodnight world.



My clay creations (part 1)

these are all made from cold porcelain [except for the macaroons fillings and the crepe and icing on the biscuits,oh and those cream in the tart]. by yours truly. i know still have space for improvement, and yeah i still have some lying in some places that i don’t quite remember. so.. i will find them and then take photos of them. some i gave to my friends ,those have pictures but i will upload them later ^^

Photos taken by my Canon EOS 1100D. click on the pictures to see the details of the camera settings.^.<  Im still pretty much a noobie when it comes to camera but i think the photos came out pretty decent .

see even the pro agrees that the pictures are nice.


update after MIA!

Yo! Wassup! It has almost been a month over the new year but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lol , don’t mind me.. ¬†I haven been updating on my story… my life.. and this blog…and my instashop… and yeah… a lot of stuffs.. but , no worries, I’M BACK! nah, just kidding, as if I would .. hahaha, I mean I think I should start blogging more, since i’m not doing anything, like working, so I should have my brain working on the computer..

I want to start a crafting channel but the computers at home are old and kinda dying(?) they are very slow when it comes to loading videos… problem… I need a new laptop.. but anyway I am heading to polytechnic in the near future [oh,yeah, I kinda did well in my o level, not very well but well..] so I am gonna get a MacBook (not sure which kind) , oh well as I am going into a design school. (I hope I get into the course I wanted) I think if I really do get it I am gonna update on this blog and also start a new blog to update most of my projects and put details and stuffs. I got the idea of starting another blog as a portfolio from Karen¬†Kavett¬†. well I know it may not be a need but I want to try it out and I think it will be good for me to sort out those dates and share .(?) i’m not sure.. i’m still pondering over it.

So! As a person for me, I switch out hobbies now and then, I used to play with cold porcelain. but then I got into washi tapes , embroidery thread and kinda into scrap booking now. I think I will share some like collections like my washi tapes and embroidery. I think i’m a really bad shopper, when it comes to sales in stores I love, and Daiso¬†, I spend uncontrollably .. I lovehate Daiso.

Oh!¬†I¬†We (my sis and i) bought a camera, well a DSLR (erm .. kinda) it is the Canon EOS 1100D . I know I know there are gonna be people who go :” oh that shitty camera?” or ” that camera is bullshit” ¬†YO! chill, I know about its flaws ,but it is what we can afford at the moment so yeah.. I think I will do a review(?) [if i’m not lazy, hehe]

i think this is the longest update ever, but yeah. Ok, good-bye and good night, or morning for other people(?)



Haiz~ i have been updating this blog with my phone, because my laptop isnt quite working~ it doesnt connect to wifi( more like it doesnt show any wifi networks) [i have to fix it ūüė¶ ] well…it is fine before… :/
It is okay for me to update my blog here(on my phone) but for my story .. that is a different story… i can write it with my laptop, but i cant colour code the dialogue and upload it with my phone…. asianfanfic is very troublesome when it on your phone… reading is fine but the update of story is hard… haiz.. if only there is an app for aff…

Troublesome things~

Also.. i have finished my Os (well that was like two weeks ago) im like too free..  i dont have a job (yet). Hahahaah im just free…  i had plans like working, writing, crafting, exercising, dancing, and also shopping..  [ sounds productive right?]  I think i sort of overestimated myself, thinking im gonna be productive, but i guess, i sort of have done those( except working) in the past week~

I feel that i have to make this blog more useful, hmm… like doing more reviews and do some craft related… since it is pretty boring talking about a typical socially awkward teenager’s life. One line: Im anti-social. There.



Not being appreciated?

Hey! I am currently having a small break so i decide to continue my instashop. Having more items put on my insatshop for sale, nobody seem to be appreciated by my items


I hope that people know how much time is put into making it. Airdry clay is quite troublesome. Well, i really think that nobody should just ignore(?) I dont know, maybe they just didnt see it.. well, i am really considering of closing down that instashop if it really gets no customer.. Haiz, it is really hard to make a living… haiz…



Little update…

Just realised that is blog was started on 16 Mar ’12 . I didnt manage this blog properly too… well i think this blog was not started then, i started with 2 blogs (lol) then i moved the two blogs and combined to this.

But again i must say,im pretty messy[ ok,lol im really messy] I really need to clean this blog up.. and also my blogger,is pretty died…[i promise to post more here and there]

I think i will start blog crafting… after ‘O’s… and also blog about me also.. amd some fashion stuff… and do some reviews.. if i can…

Basically, my life is in a mess right now…

But what can i say, this is life…
Ok.. it is 12:08 am SST,[ ok, SST looks weird,am i right? ] anyway, i should go and sleep and in the morning,i have to study and the routine continues for 2more days, and the rest of it, im on my own…


Oh My Fandom problems

Fandom~ Haiz /shakes head/

I must be crazy… i was a 100% Shawol till i met INFINTE… now im also an Inspirit…

i actually did not like EXO, or I should say , i did not want to like EXO because of their fandom. I dont like what the exotics said….they said that Luhan can replace Minho ,just because of one stage.. and i got angry and wasnt very happy with exotics.. we should not have inter-entertainment fandom war .And also they said that they wanted sapphire blue as their fandom colour. How can they?! they do not have the rights to even choose the colours… despite all that, i realise that it is the fandom and not EXO’s fault …. EXO is pretty cute.. (i must admit) And most importantly i got spammed by my friend on tumblr… All those Krisyeol….. and other fandoms also got corrupted… And now im still not officially an exotic (i try to) hahahahahah…. Im still with SHINFINITE

But dont worry exotics… im gonna be chill~


ahahahahahahh~ ah… i must be insane /cues btob insane/

http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_m68xjaGdkV1qetsywo1_500hah whatever BYES~~