Current favorite songs

this song is awesome.. the mv even better.. very cool concept

in love with the song

i never knew i would say this. but i really really like ladies code, probably because of their style of mv and music

i must say i love the dance more then the song.. but still it is nice to listen to

this song is awesome!! Junggigo is just pure cool. and this drama , im in loovvee

of course ,infinite must always be in here.. love the song.. the dance is as awesome and cool as always

well.. this song is awesome in a weird way lol

ok i think thats all for now.. but then like theres still sistar, f(x), girls day .. and more.. but i’ll sleep in early fr today..

Nights ❤ thazelina



SHINee – Why so serious

SHINee’s comeback without jonghyun is pretty weird 😦 Jonghyun Get Well Soon!!!!
The song is still pretty nice . Cant wait for their comebck stage!!!!!
But i dont understand the video at the end~ why didnt the police or security not see SHINee and the girl saw them, are they like ghosts that hangs out in a random house… Hmmm…. But they are too handsome to become ghost, but if they are i would not mind to play with them~ they are so adorable >.< Hahahahahahaaah