The Minimalist’s Guide to Tableware from Taobao

Taobao Hacks

Now that you’ve assembled your Kinfolk-esque kitchen it’s time to fill it up with kitchen essentials. Homeware can be pretty pricey in Singapore.
If you don’t want to fork out for lovely but somewhat expensive options at the likes of Tangs and Robinsons, Taobao has a wide range of kitchenware and utensils that’ll look as pretty as they are useful.

KinfolkAustraliaVisitAnnouncement_105 Tableware to look like you raided your neighbourhood hipster cafe. Image: Kinfolk

Featured shop no. 1: 摩登主妇生活馆 Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan
Rating: Under 极有家, Gold Medal Seller, 5 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

With a wide range of Japanese and Scandinavian style homeware, Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan is the perfect shop for the minimalist home.
Their search function allows you to search by materials too, for e.g. wood, ceramics, glass, straw etc.

Editor’s note: we actually bought a couple of items from this…

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Lovelyz – Ah Choo inspired makeup tutorial

soo i decide to take a youtube route cause why not? actually no. im just too lazy to type yah.. i like editing videos .. too bad doing youtube in singapore is not a thing.. soo yahh.. i enjoyed myself.. and i filmed a load more and you sure can go and take a look at it. so i hope you will enjoy it 🙂

❤ thazelina

Group work: probably not my favourite kind of project anymore..

as i have said previously… i had a group project. due today. it has ended.. i personally feel that i have not done well on the presenting part. but the process of making the model i have put effort in it..

but yesterday, what happen when i sent the final look of the model,someone was not happy with it. that person was raging about how she felt about the model. she said that it didn’t give her the wow factor and probably our lecturer wouldn’t take it. she complained about why we didn’t add this, why was it different from what we had discuss. the other member tho, was pretty pleased about the model. And also she was assigned to print the board. and she praised the board ,just cause she consolidated them,had her tracings and the other member’s sketches.

she complained that the model doesn’t have the wow feeling.and the board was plain and our model should have complimented it.and there she complain it will not do any impact on the lecturer .

indeed there was a lot of changes along the way, because we were constantly thinking of ideas, and she was not around. we did do a lot of things that were not in the final model.. but it was cause we were constantly finding a better way to do it.she totally rejected the model. really didnt like it, complained ,and complain… and guess where i was.. i just finished the model.. heading home… this is what i get for doing up the model till 10+?

she was even comparing to the other groups. saying that theirs was what we should have done up. but again, they were not doing what we were doing in the first place….-.-

she continued saying..” no use complaining, we should make the board better than the model..” and there she is giving loads of ideas to improve the board.. then because she kept on bombarding essays on the model that left me with no words. but as she went on complaining i was there typing all along. i listed down the answers to her questions one by one. Numbered them. The other guy that do up the board was neutral , but i felt that where he was standing at is “i left you guys with the model, and this is the final, okay. lets link them up to what we have to present.” (not in the fed up way). he felt that it was good effort. and we indeed put in a lot in this project when we could be doing other projects.

and there we go again.. she continued ranting about how the model was not good and blah blah blah…so i continued arguing this time i was so upset that i could control my feeling, i was angry at her comments and i was also hurt by it. and there she replied the one element i said that we could have put in, and then she said it wasnt her who said we have to put in… and there we go, we were out of materials at that point in time, how do we do it up? and when the day before yesterday she was away for quite a while, i wasnt totally mad at that, but cause along the way while making the model , my group member and i was changing bits of the model.. while doing those preparation work we  were discussing.. when she came back, i was already too tired to continue talking bout the model. so my attitude while explaining to her was a little off (i know my bad >< ) but then everything she has to ask me, why can’t she ask the other member, why me? and also when she came back she expected something to be done. like a supervisor.

another thing, when she asked me whether she should come back? i said , yup come back. but i didnt know that she would be so late. if she shaid in the first place she was gonna be so late i wouldnt tell her to come back.. and when she reached, we were packing up, cleaning up.. and she said.. why did you tell me to come back when you dont need me already? next day which was yesterday, same thing, she called back asked whether she was needed, and i said if you wanna come back, come if not dont. then she continued asking,do you need me? Once she said that i know she dont plan on coming back.. she doesnt want to. so what if i tell her to come back? black face? loads of question why this is like that and why that is like this? In didnt want all that kind of shit form her at that timing.. so i told her to not comeback..

she also said that she wanted to go through the board once at 8.30 , i went up to the studio. i only find my other member. she said ignore them, lets go, since she didnt care about our feelings why must we care about hers?

she was always giving ideas ,talking but never get things done. simple tasks before, she didnt do, and when things dont go her way she will get moody,turn away.

i know i have my bad points of not communicating with my group members. and we didnt have that solid point of standing. we all pretty much wanted different things out of the model.. but again she could have accepted our idea and not argue with me. 4 of us, one doing up the board at home. and ever seeing only two doing the model. the last person, you see her sometimes. she expected a lot, but not doing much job…

How would you feel? the two people doing the model for so many days, yet this is the kind of treatment we get..
what would you do if you were in my shoes?

im sorry to make you read so much. this is just s short long rant on 😛 same thing as before im lazy to check my garmmar and blah.  heheheh

❤ thazelina

Craft haul

hello Im back with a craft haul . so.. I went to Daiso and Cash Converters. i did not buy a lot but , yeah…

2014-09-21 23.05.46 (1)Im planning to DIY the back of this bag. Im still not sure what to do2014-09-21 23.07.41(1)Just a backdrop cloth2014-09-21 23.08.05 (1)probably for the stamps? or even magnets2014-09-21 23.08.50 (1)I want to test this out as a resin or like icing on clay

edit : it is like resin, but the con is it stinks

2014-09-21 23.20.12 (1)im just wanting to try out how this works2014-09-21 23.08.32(1)Because i ran out of this XD


well thats all , heheh .Good night world !

❤ thazelina

Making too much use of my holiday

I dont even know whether the title is in proper english or not. lol . But yah.. i having been marathoning on WGM and running man and blah blah shows. since im having holidays might as well make full use of it right? well i have been meaning to find jobs but i don’t know the shop either doesn’t want me or they just don’t want me.

For the past week,going two, i have been camping in bed watching shows, until i fell sick, yeahs, nope.NOPE. not your normal cough ,sore throat , or flu. IM REALLY ILL. AVERT YOUR EYES IF YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR/SEE THIS.

Ok. i was puking a lot. like really a lot. the base of the puke was yellow and has a bitter and sour taste to it. eugh. it was bad. and i went out. puke again and agian and again. like everything in my stomach was already out. and i was still puking

ok enough of that. About WGM, am i the only one that is very excited for the next ep where yura kisses jjong. and then they get alot of skinship?! I am like watching a drama. but damn, i ship this couple a lot!! i really like them together> they are really compatible for each other and they are really cute. heheh.

i think sometimes im really too into drama and those fairy tales. Im always thinking that everything will end up with happy ending ; love is always the thing to search for; prince charming is always there ; “he” should be good looking , capable in everything, and good looking…. i think i always wish for too much.. but i know it isnt always like that.. but .. but.. i really dont know… dont we girls always wish for these things?

well.. dramas ruin your lives. lol .. dont believe in them.. not all teaches you the right lesson.. All dramas are cliche , no?

❤ thazelina

21 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt

Thought Catalog

1. Play with her hair while the two of you are watching TV. It doesn’t have to be complex, just a little light head touching/hair-messing-with will put her into a near-meditative state.

2. Get your dessert to-go at the restaurant so the two of you can eat it at home while watching a movie/your favorite TV show.

3. Instead of just asking her where she wants to go for dinner — because you know that she loves when you put in the effort to choose, but is really picky when it comes to what she wants — give her three options that you want to go to (including one or two you haven’t tried before, if possible). It’s the best of both worlds.

4. If you spend the night at her place (or even if you share the place) make the bed while she’s in the shower or getting ready.

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Current favorite songs

this song is awesome.. the mv even better.. very cool concept

in love with the song

i never knew i would say this. but i really really like ladies code, probably because of their style of mv and music

i must say i love the dance more then the song.. but still it is nice to listen to

this song is awesome!! Junggigo is just pure cool. and this drama , im in loovvee

of course ,infinite must always be in here.. love the song.. the dance is as awesome and cool as always

well.. this song is awesome in a weird way lol

ok i think thats all for now.. but then like theres still sistar, f(x), girls day .. and more.. but i’ll sleep in early fr today..

Nights ❤ thazelina


Hello! Im back! ^.<

Hello, im finally back.. from a long MIA . OK Small update … Have been in sch for 4 months by now and i have realise and done quite a fair bit. Realise how your classmates work.. From slackers , to chiongster to , hardworking and consistent people. It has been a lot of fun to work with different kind of people. Then we will get to know them more, and also in the future , we will be able to know how to deal with these people..

My projects really have improved a lot and im pretty glad about what im doing.. well though they are not that awesome but it is still acceptable..

Also i have change my lappy! { happy yet heart broken}  Upgraded my Asus k43u to a Macbook pro retina 13.. it is really expensive and i was never mac user.. not used to this keyboard.. cause im toooo used to my Asus’ keyboard…. then i still have to install windows on this mac and use it to download autocad and then download photoshop..blah blah blah… i still cant believe this Macbook is mine.. :/

my body clock is really screwed because of sleepless nights.. sometimes i stay till like 1am? doing shit… well the best i can do is sleep in around 12. that’s the earliest… and achievement unlocked when i was rushing work till 5am. got scolding from mum , watched world cup final with dad (very first world cup, with dad) , slept for 1hr and a half , ahahahahahha.. Really cool experience.. but nope, not gonna do that again

Okay…  i just realise that it is actually the protective layer on my keyboard that is making me feel weird to type.. i forgot how much i like the mac keyboard when i was using iMac in school then.. ❤ ❤ lol random info

ook i shall head to bed.. tiring day after site visit.. Goodnight world ❤ thazelina

Mini mini haul + Review on the Dear Darling Tint

so, as I have said in my last post ,I would go back to etude and buy their Dear Darling Tint. And I did, like two days after that. {happy girl}  im really glad that I bought it. because I really like it. it is the CHEAPEST (if not ,then it is one of the cheapest) tint in the store.

2014-06-19 17.11.44
Dear Darling Tint
2014-06-21 22.17.16
#02 Real Red

So, the Dear Darling Tint is a tint from etude house. it is a water jelly textured tint so it is moisturizing and gives a glossy look if you don’t wipe the excess product off. It is made to stain your lips, but I think it works as a cheek stain too.

[ D E T A I L S ] 

[ P R I C E ] this tint is retailed at S$8.90 . Reasonable price ay? the other tints in etude house were S$9.90 (kissful tint chou), S$12.90-S$15.90 (rosy tint lips, fresh cherry tint, etude lips-fit) [ I don’t quite remember the exact ones, and im not very sure of the prices, but I can say that im pretty sure for the kissful tint chou one) so I guess it is an affordable tint.

[ V A R I E T Y ] the one I have here is the one in #2 Real Red. it also has #1 Berry Red, #3 Orange Red, #4 Vampire Red.

2014-06-21 21.48.48
Clean wand 😀 (ok this a quite low quality picture :/ sowwie ><)

[P A C K A G I N G ] Very classy and elegant.Like how a princess would like her makeup to look like . Hahaha jokes aside. it is a typical etude house packaging , very sweet and girly. it also has a stopper at the mouth of the bottle so you wont get the product on the wand and waste it.

the applicator is really precise and I can have pretty good control of the product.

2014-06-21 21.50.14
precise tip.

the smell of the tint is like a grape candy(?) I cant seem to remember what candy it smells like, I only can say it is really sweet.

[ H O W  I  F E E L  A B O U T  I T ]
I mean it is nice, moisturizing, long-lasting if you are not always eating, ( cause, I have tried to make a  first impression of it at home, but like after a few chips and a cup of sweet drink it faded a bit, and then more water and more noms, it’s all gone 😦  But also I had a gradient lip so, it might be because there wasnt a load of product of my lips. And probably because im a noob at makeup and this is my first time trying a tint.)

2014-06-21 20.09.40
[ S W A T C H ]  The water , jelly texture
2014-06-21 20.09.28
[ S W A T C H ] Ooo ,look at that colour
2014-06-21 20.10.20
[ S W A T C H ] after some dabbing
2014-06-21 20.11.30
[ S W A T C H ] my finger after dabbing
2014-06-21 20.14.17
[ S W A T C H ] after dapping the excess with a tissue
2014-06-21 20.39.46
[ S W A T C H ] i put a decent amount of tint and left it there for a few minutes and wiped of the excess with tissue. Look at the one on top. Wow! legit stain!
2014-06-21 20.40.31
[ S W A T C H ] swipey test ,heheh Hmm seems like no change 🙂
[ H O W  T O  S T Y L E  I T ] 
A gradient lip, like what it is made for. Or a full red lip.
I personally don’t wear any eye makeup ( one, I have monolids 😦 two, I wear specs 😦 three, im simply a noob at makeup and I don’t know how to deal with monolids )
but  I guess if you are going for the gradient lip, it would be the good ol’ cute puppy look, and the full red lip, you could go with your everyday eye makeup and make you look damn sexy …hmm..

So, yeah.. this concludes my review. And they are all based on my own experience. so… hmmm…i bet you find it boring.but congrats on making it till the end 😀  Really sorry for the background of the pictures cause I was lazy to take the white backdrop . >< kbye!

Love, thazelina