Group work: probably not my favourite kind of project anymore..

as i have said previously… i had a group project. due today. it has ended.. i personally feel that i have not done well on the presenting part. but the process of making the model i have put effort in it..

but yesterday, what happen when i sent the final look of the model,someone was not happy with it. that person was raging about how she felt about the model. she said that it didn’t give her the wow factor and probably our lecturer wouldn’t take it. she complained about why we didn’t add this, why was it different from what we had discuss. the other member tho, was pretty pleased about the model. And also she was assigned to print the board. and she praised the board ,just cause she consolidated them,had her tracings and the other member’s sketches.

she complained that the model doesn’t have the wow feeling.and the board was plain and our model should have complimented it.and there she complain it will not do any impact on the lecturer .

indeed there was a lot of changes along the way, because we were constantly thinking of ideas, and she was not around. we did do a lot of things that were not in the final model.. but it was cause we were constantly finding a better way to do it.she totally rejected the model. really didnt like it, complained ,and complain… and guess where i was.. i just finished the model.. heading home… this is what i get for doing up the model till 10+?

she was even comparing to the other groups. saying that theirs was what we should have done up. but again, they were not doing what we were doing in the first place….-.-

she continued saying..” no use complaining, we should make the board better than the model..” and there she is giving loads of ideas to improve the board.. then because she kept on bombarding essays on the model that left me with no words. but as she went on complaining i was there typing all along. i listed down the answers to her questions one by one. Numbered them. The other guy that do up the board was neutral , but i felt that where he was standing at is “i left you guys with the model, and this is the final, okay. lets link them up to what we have to present.” (not in the fed up way). he felt that it was good effort. and we indeed put in a lot in this project when we could be doing other projects.

and there we go again.. she continued ranting about how the model was not good and blah blah blah…so i continued arguing this time i was so upset that i could control my feeling, i was angry at her comments and i was also hurt by it. and there she replied the one element i said that we could have put in, and then she said it wasnt her who said we have to put in… and there we go, we were out of materials at that point in time, how do we do it up? and when the day before yesterday she was away for quite a while, i wasnt totally mad at that, but cause along the way while making the model , my group member and i was changing bits of the model.. while doing those preparation work we  were discussing.. when she came back, i was already too tired to continue talking bout the model. so my attitude while explaining to her was a little off (i know my bad >< ) but then everything she has to ask me, why can’t she ask the other member, why me? and also when she came back she expected something to be done. like a supervisor.

another thing, when she asked me whether she should come back? i said , yup come back. but i didnt know that she would be so late. if she shaid in the first place she was gonna be so late i wouldnt tell her to come back.. and when she reached, we were packing up, cleaning up.. and she said.. why did you tell me to come back when you dont need me already? next day which was yesterday, same thing, she called back asked whether she was needed, and i said if you wanna come back, come if not dont. then she continued asking,do you need me? Once she said that i know she dont plan on coming back.. she doesnt want to. so what if i tell her to come back? black face? loads of question why this is like that and why that is like this? In didnt want all that kind of shit form her at that timing.. so i told her to not comeback..

she also said that she wanted to go through the board once at 8.30 , i went up to the studio. i only find my other member. she said ignore them, lets go, since she didnt care about our feelings why must we care about hers?

she was always giving ideas ,talking but never get things done. simple tasks before, she didnt do, and when things dont go her way she will get moody,turn away.

i know i have my bad points of not communicating with my group members. and we didnt have that solid point of standing. we all pretty much wanted different things out of the model.. but again she could have accepted our idea and not argue with me. 4 of us, one doing up the board at home. and ever seeing only two doing the model. the last person, you see her sometimes. she expected a lot, but not doing much job…

How would you feel? the two people doing the model for so many days, yet this is the kind of treatment we get..
what would you do if you were in my shoes?

im sorry to make you read so much. this is just s short long rant on 😛 same thing as before im lazy to check my garmmar and blah.  heheheh

❤ thazelina


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