Craft haul

hello Im back with a craft haul . so.. I went to Daiso and Cash Converters. i did not buy a lot but , yeah…

2014-09-21 23.05.46 (1)Im planning to DIY the back of this bag. Im still not sure what to do2014-09-21 23.07.41(1)Just a backdrop cloth2014-09-21 23.08.05 (1)probably for the stamps? or even magnets2014-09-21 23.08.50 (1)I want to test this out as a resin or like icing on clay

edit : it is like resin, but the con is it stinks

2014-09-21 23.20.12 (1)im just wanting to try out how this works2014-09-21 23.08.32(1)Because i ran out of this XD


well thats all , heheh .Good night world !

❤ thazelina


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