Hello! Im back! ^.<

Hello, im finally back.. from a long MIA . OK Small update … Have been in sch for 4 months by now and i have realise and done quite a fair bit. Realise how your classmates work.. From slackers , to chiongster to , hardworking and consistent people. It has been a lot of fun to work with different kind of people. Then we will get to know them more, and also in the future , we will be able to know how to deal with these people..

My projects really have improved a lot and im pretty glad about what im doing.. well though they are not that awesome but it is still acceptable..

Also i have change my lappy! { happy yet heart broken}  Upgraded my Asus k43u to a Macbook pro retina 13.. it is really expensive and i was never mac user.. not used to this keyboard.. cause im toooo used to my Asus’ keyboard…. then i still have to install windows on this mac and use it to download autocad and then download photoshop..blah blah blah… i still cant believe this Macbook is mine.. :/

my body clock is really screwed because of sleepless nights.. sometimes i stay till like 1am? doing shit… well the best i can do is sleep in around 12. that’s the earliest… and achievement unlocked when i was rushing work till 5am. got scolding from mum , watched world cup final with dad (very first world cup, with dad) , slept for 1hr and a half , ahahahahahha.. Really cool experience.. but nope, not gonna do that again

Okay…  i just realise that it is actually the protective layer on my keyboard that is making me feel weird to type.. i forgot how much i like the mac keyboard when i was using iMac in school then.. ❤ ❤ lol random info

ook i shall head to bed.. tiring day after site visit.. Goodnight world ❤ thazelina


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