Mini mini haul + Review on the Dear Darling Tint

so, as I have said in my last post ,I would go back to etude and buy their Dear Darling Tint. And I did, like two days after that. {happy girl}  im really glad that I bought it. because I really like it. it is the CHEAPEST (if not ,then it is one of the cheapest) tint in the store.

2014-06-19 17.11.44
Dear Darling Tint
2014-06-21 22.17.16
#02 Real Red

So, the Dear Darling Tint is a tint from etude house. it is a water jelly textured tint so it is moisturizing and gives a glossy look if you don’t wipe the excess product off. It is made to stain your lips, but I think it works as a cheek stain too.

[ D E T A I L S ] 

[ P R I C E ] this tint is retailed at S$8.90 . Reasonable price ay? the other tints in etude house were S$9.90 (kissful tint chou), S$12.90-S$15.90 (rosy tint lips, fresh cherry tint, etude lips-fit) [ I don’t quite remember the exact ones, and im not very sure of the prices, but I can say that im pretty sure for the kissful tint chou one) so I guess it is an affordable tint.

[ V A R I E T Y ] the one I have here is the one in #2 Real Red. it also has #1 Berry Red, #3 Orange Red, #4 Vampire Red.

2014-06-21 21.48.48
Clean wand 😀 (ok this a quite low quality picture :/ sowwie ><)

[P A C K A G I N G ] Very classy and elegant.Like how a princess would like her makeup to look like . Hahaha jokes aside. it is a typical etude house packaging , very sweet and girly. it also has a stopper at the mouth of the bottle so you wont get the product on the wand and waste it.

the applicator is really precise and I can have pretty good control of the product.

2014-06-21 21.50.14
precise tip.

the smell of the tint is like a grape candy(?) I cant seem to remember what candy it smells like, I only can say it is really sweet.

[ H O W  I  F E E L  A B O U T  I T ]
I mean it is nice, moisturizing, long-lasting if you are not always eating, ( cause, I have tried to make a  first impression of it at home, but like after a few chips and a cup of sweet drink it faded a bit, and then more water and more noms, it’s all gone 😦  But also I had a gradient lip so, it might be because there wasnt a load of product of my lips. And probably because im a noob at makeup and this is my first time trying a tint.)

2014-06-21 20.09.40
[ S W A T C H ]  The water , jelly texture
2014-06-21 20.09.28
[ S W A T C H ] Ooo ,look at that colour
2014-06-21 20.10.20
[ S W A T C H ] after some dabbing
2014-06-21 20.11.30
[ S W A T C H ] my finger after dabbing
2014-06-21 20.14.17
[ S W A T C H ] after dapping the excess with a tissue
2014-06-21 20.39.46
[ S W A T C H ] i put a decent amount of tint and left it there for a few minutes and wiped of the excess with tissue. Look at the one on top. Wow! legit stain!
2014-06-21 20.40.31
[ S W A T C H ] swipey test ,heheh Hmm seems like no change 🙂
[ H O W  T O  S T Y L E  I T ] 
A gradient lip, like what it is made for. Or a full red lip.
I personally don’t wear any eye makeup ( one, I have monolids 😦 two, I wear specs 😦 three, im simply a noob at makeup and I don’t know how to deal with monolids )
but  I guess if you are going for the gradient lip, it would be the good ol’ cute puppy look, and the full red lip, you could go with your everyday eye makeup and make you look damn sexy …hmm..

So, yeah.. this concludes my review. And they are all based on my own experience. so… hmmm…i bet you find it boring.but congrats on making it till the end 😀  Really sorry for the background of the pictures cause I was lazy to take the white backdrop . >< kbye!

Love, thazelina



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