HAUL: Etude house <3


Hello hello, Im back! ^^ since its the holidays I want to update this blog. And here is something new, a haul! Hoots! My first few buys from etude house .

the paper bag
the membership card [oh, so cute]
{ E V E R Y T H I N G }

so, my mum wanted to buy this, because her colleague recomended her. So she have decided to get it. and i was also eyeing on the Dear Darling Tint (but i did get it 😦 next time ,next time 🙂 )

Precious Mineral Any Cushion [Natural beige W13] and its free gifts
Precious Mineral Any Cushion

[ C L O S E – U P ]
Aloe Moistfull Mask Sheet [ S A M P L E ]
Wonder Pore Freshner [ S A M P L E ]
Color Lips-fit Lipgloss [ S A M P L E ]
Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Refill [Magic Peach] [ M O R E B U Y S ]
Lovely Cookie Blusher [ #6 Grapefruit Jelly ] [M O R E B U Y S ]
[ T H E B A C K S I D E ]
Lip & Eye Remover [ M O R E  B U Y S ]

Free gifts for a purchase of $60 and above

Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Body Wash & Body Lotion [ F R E E G I F T ] ( Damn, this stuff smells awesome, i can smell the smell even by not opening the box )
[ T H E  I N S I D E ]
I Need You, Pomegranate ! & I Need You, Green Tea ! Sheet Masks [ F R E E G I F T ]
AC Clinic Daily Skin Care Kit [ F R E E G I F T ]
[ T H E I N S I D E ] ( smells herbal-ly /medicine-ly ,the “good for your skin” smell )
Tissue [ F R E E G I F T ]

With SHINee at the back
And Lastly the SHINee fan

Just because of the free gift , my mum had to buy the Lip and Eye Remover and the green tea nose pack (which i forgot to take pic ><) should have gotten the lip tint, but its fine ,my mum said that we have way too much lip products [but how can one have too much lip products] and i agree. meh its fine i will buy it the next time i drop by.

So the other day i was at vivo city and i went to their etude house .That was my first time buying something in etude house.

Play Nail Smoothing Base Coat

I always have mixed feelings about going into etude house, i always hate how open the Tampines 1 outlet was, and also i would not buy anything whenever i head in because it is awkward for me to walk out empty handed. but now my mum actually gives me permission to buy anything from etude house that i find good, then im not afraid to head in to buy the lip product ( I just realised im a lip product hoarder, but im only a makeup junkie :/ )

okay, Imma head to bed now.. peww what a long post.. too me so long to upload those pics …oh and congrats for making it till the end.

anyway good night world. i will check back for the review for some of the products seen above and also some that i bought recently.. hehe im like going for a gss spree~

Love, thazelina xo



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