Craft Update : Book Binding


Hi, im back. Again. For one of the longest time im back updating.

Those books( I still have oe more but it is my notebook for school and it does not have the prettiest outer cover so yeah.. im not gonna show) you see above are binded before 2014, around the end of the year of 2013 when I  have loads of time at home. I was gonna make my own planner ( and I did) Hoots! But these are not the planner, they are some notebooks ( lines and blank ones) I made with a tutorial on YouTube. Sea Lemon is the BEST at book binding. i really love her and her videos ,she is so cute ><

ok we can clearly see that i still have one book left that do not have the Coptic stitch. im just pure lazy..


The first book i binded was the big one (A6). It is made with A4 plain paper. Covered with my precious washi tape collection. The cover is made with a cereal box. Stitched with coptic stitch. Added with my touch of a simple sticker of my own.

/hides at a corner/ the binding ,oh god. not so good But hey, look at those pandas dancing ^-^
/still hiding at the corner/ nope…its still bad…
handmade stickers with stamps ^-^ p.s. i made the cat one /proud/ nah. it’s badly crafted. But its my first stamp, so whatevs.


made with pretty much the same things, the only thing different is that this is recycled with an old A5 exercise book I had, so it has lines and its pretty much like a square, that is around 8-9 cm. And this cover is pretty artsy

this stitching is worst than before what the hell is wrong with my brain?
but look at the back, it’s so pretty

043same as the one before, but this cover is of the cutesy side. And i tied a string there.

At least this stiching is better looking.
to be completed.

so that wraps up my book binding craft update..

thazelina  xoxo


2 thoughts on “Craft Update : Book Binding

  1. Excellent, that’s exactly what I want to do. Thanks for sharing, love the back with the Eiffel Tower ^^ and the front is very kawaii.

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