Dead O.o

Hi, it has been a while.. eek. I have my reasons. I am currently a design student.. i have quite a fair bit of work to do.. it doesnt seem much. But for a procrastinator like me, its always me burning midnight oil and sleeping at 2( which the seniors say its normal, we might not even have sleep when we are in yr 3 when we are doing our final project)
I have been wanting to craft. But school is already alot for me.. too much drawing [ and its not my forte] even the hands-on  are also pretty chim. Some times i just dont understand the lecturers. Maybe its just me, cause i may still not used to the transition,  but it has already been 4weeks … i dont know how to feel and what to feel…
I kinda regret coming for this course, but i kinda like it still..  it is unique in its own way..
By today,I have made a bunch of friends ; a few we clique well, dont even know how we even started to talk [hahaha when we talked about it, we really dont know how we even started talking to one another XD] of course, seeing some people’s true colours ; talking to people whom i actually was never close since day1.
For an introvert like me, 4weeks and i have done so much socializing, im actually proud of myself.. normally i will have 2-3 friends that im really close with, and hardly talk to anybody,.unless i really have to. But now, i have these few friends that im kinda close with, more friends i can work with, and i socialize with everyone(almost ><) .

Ok goodnight world.




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