update after MIA!

Yo! Wassup! It has almost been a month over the new year but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! lol , don’t mind me..  I haven been updating on my story… my life.. and this blog…and my instashop… and yeah… a lot of stuffs.. but , no worries, I’M BACK! nah, just kidding, as if I would .. hahaha, I mean I think I should start blogging more, since i’m not doing anything, like working, so I should have my brain working on the computer..

I want to start a crafting channel but the computers at home are old and kinda dying(?) they are very slow when it comes to loading videos… problem… I need a new laptop.. but anyway I am heading to polytechnic in the near future [oh,yeah, I kinda did well in my o level, not very well but well..] so I am gonna get a MacBook (not sure which kind) , oh well as I am going into a design school. (I hope I get into the course I wanted) I think if I really do get it I am gonna update on this blog and also start a new blog to update most of my projects and put details and stuffs. I got the idea of starting another blog as a portfolio from Karen Kavett . well I know it may not be a need but I want to try it out and I think it will be good for me to sort out those dates and share .(?) i’m not sure.. i’m still pondering over it.

So! As a person for me, I switch out hobbies now and then, I used to play with cold porcelain. but then I got into washi tapes , embroidery thread and kinda into scrap booking now. I think I will share some like collections like my washi tapes and embroidery. I think i’m a really bad shopper, when it comes to sales in stores I love, and Daiso , I spend uncontrollably .. I lovehate Daiso.

Oh! We (my sis and i) bought a camera, well a DSLR (erm .. kinda) it is the Canon EOS 1100D . I know I know there are gonna be people who go :” oh that shitty camera?” or ” that camera is bullshit”  YO! chill, I know about its flaws ,but it is what we can afford at the moment so yeah.. I think I will do a review(?) [if i’m not lazy, hehe]

i think this is the longest update ever, but yeah. Ok, good-bye and good night, or morning for other people(?)



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