Haiz~ i have been updating this blog with my phone, because my laptop isnt quite working~ it doesnt connect to wifi( more like it doesnt show any wifi networks) [i have to fix it 😦 ] well…it is fine before… :/
It is okay for me to update my blog here(on my phone) but for my story .. that is a different story… i can write it with my laptop, but i cant colour code the dialogue and upload it with my phone…. asianfanfic is very troublesome when it on your phone… reading is fine but the update of story is hard… haiz.. if only there is an app for aff…

Troublesome things~

Also.. i have finished my Os (well that was like two weeks ago) im like too free..  i dont have a job (yet). Hahahaah im just free…  i had plans like working, writing, crafting, exercising, dancing, and also shopping..  [ sounds productive right?]  I think i sort of overestimated myself, thinking im gonna be productive, but i guess, i sort of have done those( except working) in the past week~

I feel that i have to make this blog more useful, hmm… like doing more reviews and do some craft related… since it is pretty boring talking about a typical socially awkward teenager’s life. One line: Im anti-social. There.




Not being appreciated?

Hey! I am currently having a small break so i decide to continue my instashop. Having more items put on my insatshop for sale, nobody seem to be appreciated by my items


I hope that people know how much time is put into making it. Airdry clay is quite troublesome. Well, i really think that nobody should just ignore(?) I dont know, maybe they just didnt see it.. well, i am really considering of closing down that instashop if it really gets no customer.. Haiz, it is really hard to make a living… haiz…