Little update…

Just realised that is blog was started on 16 Mar ’12 . I didnt manage this blog properly too… well i think this blog was not started then, i started with 2 blogs (lol) then i moved the two blogs and combined to this.

But again i must say,im pretty messy[ ok,lol im really messy] I really need to clean this blog up.. and also my blogger,is pretty died…[i promise to post more here and there]

I think i will start blog crafting… after ‘O’s… and also blog about me also.. amd some fashion stuff… and do some reviews.. if i can…

Basically, my life is in a mess right now…

But what can i say, this is life…
Ok.. it is 12:08 am SST,[ ok, SST looks weird,am i right? ] anyway, i should go and sleep and in the morning,i have to study and the routine continues for 2more days, and the rest of it, im on my own…



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