Oh My Fandom problems

Fandom~ Haiz /shakes head/

I must be crazy… i was a 100% Shawol till i met INFINTE… now im also an Inspirit…

i actually did not like EXO, or I should say , i did not want to like EXO because of their fandom. I dont like what the exotics said….they said that Luhan can replace Minho ,just because of one stage.. and i got angry and wasnt very happy with exotics.. we should not have inter-entertainment fandom war .And also they said that they wanted sapphire blue as their fandom colour. How can they?! they do not have the rights to even choose the colours… despite all that, i realise that it is the fandom and not EXO’s fault …. EXO is pretty cute.. (i must admit) And most importantly i got spammed by my friend on tumblr… All those Krisyeol….. and other fandoms also got corrupted… And now im still not officially an exotic (i try to) hahahahahah…. Im still with SHINFINITE

But dont worry exotics… im gonna be chill~


ahahahahahahh~ ah… i must be insane /cues btob insane/

http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.com%2Ftumblr_m68xjaGdkV1qetsywo1_500hah whatever BYES~~



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