weird personality

Hi,i haven been updating much… cause the past two weeks was in-focus. So i had homework and other things to do, and of course , updating my story~ Do subscribe if you like it~

Oh yeah~ so the in-focus was okay~ but some things are just too much~ Long story short, so i was then angry [i could help but to say that, when I’m angry, i tend to write stuffs.. ] And i went home took out my laptop and wrote my chapter 2(easily) , my chapter 2 took me ages to think, but my chapter2 ? Bam! finished. now I’m doing my chapter 3, im dying.. the weather is sooooo hot! i cant think! No inspiration ~ Rawr~  

but the thing here is that when I’m angry i tend to have inspiration and the mood to write? Weird enough

{Procrastinated} edited~ this should be posted 2weeks ago, but it is till now that i have a bit of time to edit this. I didnt realised that i did not post this~
So~ just let me rant a bit about today.

The gif actually says it all~ Yes, there is school today~ dread~ ok…maybe thats all… for now~byes~



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