its my life

As an ‘O’ level candidate(as what they always like to call us)[ they – the teachers, making us stress] I should not be here blogging, bcos on the 2nd of July [my birthday ,in case you dont know] i have my prelims (part 2). I hate it, what more it is on English and History, Ughh , hate History, i can never pass that subject. i wanted to get at least a B3 ( which i can never) Anyways, im using comp just to check my timetable for monday, crazy time table, but who knows, we might not have class (maybe, bcos of the haze~) Aish, I still cant get over it, i have to finsh all my papers in my 5yrs series ( my school’s prelim papers) for chem, do my  physics past year prelim paper, emaths paper 2, and most important [maybe the 2nd most] practice my amaths, and the most most important, is study for history. {le procrastinating} I could have done it last week, but monday and tuesday ( as usual ) are for my mum, she has her off-day , so we have to go out with her ( like this week) , but also last week the haze hits, we didnt go out on tuesday >< , and the whole week was WGM marathon, cause of laziness, and the sick feeling you get from the haze… then this week , yes, monday & tuesday , we went out, wednesday, half [ more like a little bit ]of it was used to study, then the rest, i marathon INFINITE old shows, which i just found >< {should i be happy or sad?}

Haiz ,my life… my sad life…../bangs wall/

( oh and i think my laptop’s left mouse button is spoil just saying)

i think i need destress like this


too much, too much { nods like myungsoo} yes yes, i know …. { oh, i just cant find the gif where myungsoo nods with his eyes closed]



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