My First Story?

This is the link to my story

I cant say that this is my first fanfic, but it is the first official one, cos my last fic do not have a story plan, and it was pretty poorly written…this story was actually written halfway through. but today i finished my first chapter. Why? Because I was traumatized. Traumatized by the O level chinese paper, so i did somthing in english and not so traumatizing( yup, writing fanfic…)

Also.. I studded my shorts and jacket this time[ Ahahah,not again-.-] Yesh, again.. well , im studding something different… So Dont judge. I know you are..tumblr_m165h8SzNq1qc1uuro1_500Ahah! No! I know you wont! Love ya! Byes!tumblr_m1a7k0TCwI1r3hzyz

Meh im just a bit hyper..[or maybe alot]

Love, thazelina


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