its my life

As an ‘O’ level candidate(as what they always like to call us)[ they – the teachers, making us stress] I should not be here blogging, bcos on the 2nd of July [my birthday ,in case you dont know] i have my prelims (part 2). I hate it, what more it is on English and History, Ughh , hate History, i can never pass that subject. i wanted to get at least a B3 ( which i can never) Anyways, im using comp just to check my timetable for monday, crazy time table, but who knows, we might not have class (maybe, bcos of the haze~) Aish, I still cant get over it, i have to finsh all my papers in my 5yrs series ( my school’s prelim papers) for chem, do my  physics past year prelim paper, emaths paper 2, and most important [maybe the 2nd most] practice my amaths, and the most most important, is study for history. {le procrastinating} I could have done it last week, but monday and tuesday ( as usual ) are for my mum, she has her off-day , so we have to go out with her ( like this week) , but also last week the haze hits, we didnt go out on tuesday >< , and the whole week was WGM marathon, cause of laziness, and the sick feeling you get from the haze… then this week , yes, monday & tuesday , we went out, wednesday, half [ more like a little bit ]of it was used to study, then the rest, i marathon INFINITE old shows, which i just found >< {should i be happy or sad?}

Haiz ,my life… my sad life…../bangs wall/

( oh and i think my laptop’s left mouse button is spoil just saying)

i think i need destress like this


too much, too much { nods like myungsoo} yes yes, i know …. { oh, i just cant find the gif where myungsoo nods with his eyes closed]




I hate it when it is sunday and my parents are out working. My sister and i are having show marathons and there people knock on the door like that /snaps fingers/ [i cant snap fingers tbh] I can say that im lucky im not in my PJs, but home clothes looks like my PJs ( t shirt and home shorts, not the kind you see girls wear when they go out, not fbt, it is worst, something like what your mum would wear [dont judge, it is comfortable ]) and my hair all bun up crazily, fringe up, no specs(i might look like i just woke up) Aish!!!! Why!!!! I feel soooooo embarrassed now, but luckily they were all woman, no man to see me in that state. [Girls when they are single /shakes head/] What more they took PICTURES!!!!  Rage 😡
Oh yeah , why did this even happen? Cause the past few days(almost a week) there was haze, crazy haze. As Indonesia had their forest burnt and the ashes created haze, and as the direction of the wind was blowing towards Singapore, it became hazy . So they practically did not do anything till now(when the haze is almost gone) they sent us masks.thank you
PSYCH.I still cant think properly.


PICTURES,  it is just a form of propaganda . Just to tell the future generation ” Yes, we did something to help the people during the hazy days.” PSYCH, whatever you wanna do, just take a look at the people collecting it then! [ i cant imagine how it will be like if it is my dad, as he most probably will be top naked >< hah, joke .]


(/Whispers/ it isnt what you see here, it is real whacks)


Ottokke, how am i gonna face the people who sees it!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Argggghhhh!!!!! Aissshhhhhh!!!! Shall end here, cant do anything anyways, should not think that much…



My First Story?

This is the link to my story

I cant say that this is my first fanfic, but it is the first official one, cos my last fic do not have a story plan, and it was pretty poorly written…this story was actually written halfway through. but today i finished my first chapter. Why? Because I was traumatized. Traumatized by the O level chinese paper, so i did somthing in english and not so traumatizing( yup, writing fanfic…)

Also.. I studded my shorts and jacket this time[ Ahahah,not again-.-] Yesh, again.. well , im studding something different… So Dont judge. I know you are..tumblr_m165h8SzNq1qc1uuro1_500Ahah! No! I know you wont! Love ya! Byes!tumblr_m1a7k0TCwI1r3hzyz

Meh im just a bit hyper..[or maybe alot]

Love, thazelina