Meow >\\\<

Hi! short update here…

Mother tongue ‘O’s is NEXT monday!Have been having mother tongue intensive since this monday, really tired of the whole thing!>< Practically this week every morning is the doing of Mother tongue papers! Paper 1 ,Paper 2 ,Paper 1 ,Paper 2 ,Paper 1 ,Paper 2 . Soooooo tired of the repetitive ……… dread……..wpid-tumblr_inline_mf8xkw2Z4z1rwk9v0.gifi totally feel you ,Taemin…. that may be me when I do Additional math….Totally (don’t say you don’t, I know it.. /myungsoo judging you stare/)

Its just part of our lifes… we all have to go through this…. haizzz

Love ,



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