Never had a dream come true?

Is it true that your dreams never come true? I mean the dreams that you dream at night,not those that inspire you to work harder to achieve it~ Maybe it is just a deja-vu , which I have always had.Though it wasn’t really true, but I dreamt that I will meet this very person almost every second, guess what?! I did! Amazingly this wasn’t the kind of deja-vu I expected! The kind of deja-vu I had before was that the dreams are very blur, and I can hardly remember it as the dream will happen a long long time before it really happens(mostly happens to places I go to)!BUT! This time, the dream happened the night before~ and though the places were different but I can see the person’s face pretty clearly~ Pretty weird ay?  Can it be fated ? or was god just trying to let us get closer? That person was indeed my friend, now we hardly talk and sometimes I wonder does he still remember me ,as a friend? as a former classmate? or just a stranger ?
You may think that only guys don’t understand girls , but girls too don’t understand guys~ Where was I? Oh~

Don’t dreams leaves you with a big question mark and make you think about it all day?

The person that you met,are you gonna meet him/her again,in real life OR is that person just someone you know,in your dreams?

A person of your dreams ?

That is about it ! I’ll leave you with this question here,stop and think 😉

Love, THaz


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