Plans after ‘O’s

i know i know~ it is still far away from it , but im just gonna plan now.

Ive done reviews before( a very long time ago),i think that by then i will have more time to do these reviews, and also im gonna add pics of the recommendations of what to pair the items with (unlike the other time where i just briefly said it) 

im gonna try out writing stories on Wattpad ,or fanfics on asianfanfics( upon saying this i have a fanfic to share, it is about Myungsoo and Suzy [Myungzy] though it is not completed but still worth the wait [though it is a little confusing:/ you can go try it out 🙂 ]

so i guess that is it for now~ 

love, THaz ^^



it has been long since I’ve touched my lappy. Long time no update~ I really hope that ‘O’s can come quickly yet i hope it doesn’t ~ i hope it will come quick as I want my freedom back and have more free time~ just like INFINITE in Sesame Player, but then i tot to myself ” I haven’t been catching up the lessons taught ,how I’m I prepared?”

Well a lot of things in life aren’t what you expected~ sometimes you wanna escape from the problem, but what will happen if you don’t solve the problem?Ain’t it gonna be worse? It ain’t gonna solve on its own~

Yes~ We are all humans ,not robots, we have our own way of doing, we don’t have to have one ordering us here and there~ And the things that we do , might not always turn out how we wanted it to be , but we always have to make sure that we try own best to not make mistakes. try to be what we are and do what we want, but too,face the problems we cause and solve them with our own solutions.

That’s all for now , i shall get going . I’m having a date with my books and stationary:)

THaz /hearts/