Overcome procrastination(maybe not)

It’s 1am now,everyone ‘s asleep, not me. I just tot about what i posted previously ~ yep procrastination, this is gonna be my lifelong resolution :)~ i just this is the kind of thing you cant get out! I guess i was actually slacking again~ i have to really stay away from distractions ~ hmm, i have to be busy, so i cant slack,i cant even havr time to walk about, if not i will be distracted by my sis who was watching “We got married”(khuntoria) [im i right? I forgot the name] well yep ~ not even half way thru my amaths hw[ im at qn 10 ,there’s 43 qns, yep not even half way thru,it’s like 4 more days to school?] And there’s more to go! Everything is better that amaths! I guess i really have to be under pressure ,if not i will be like a rope! [Pull, it will be tucked, relax, then it will slack]


Its 10,going 11~ i have make a time table for me to do homework~ gonna start at 12 or so and hopefully finish the maths homework .



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