Yo! It has been a while, i really havent been updating any of my blog, really sorry. The year is ending ~ well i think i really havent been working hard enough in everything:  blogging ,studying ~ haiz 😦  hmmm i think i really have to work 3x harder ( i cant say 2x cos thats not much >< ) this holiday, cos next year is O levels, stress! 


Hmmm, anyone actually think that 2012 world end is true? Hmm i dont think so, maybe the plates separate and may have something like earthquake (?) Well who knows?! Haha, we shall just still work hard and not think of that 🙂 

Anyways~ MAMA is coming ! Have you voted? I know i haven *-* teehee >< well i hope SHINee will at least win one award! They are losing to their seniors but i hope they will still win,  they are really lacking behind as SM are working so much on EXO and a new group and maybe a solo artist (i think, as these gossips are heard from sumandu) , i still really hope SM shall bring these boys back from japan, have more variety and reality shows and not let them promote for SM instead of themselves 😦 [sry if i said anything that was rude or what, im sorry as that is what i think as a Shawol,  i really hope the boys have a comeback that was not as long as lucifer and sherlock ]

So~ i shall end this post here.Annyeongnee chumooseyo 

Love,THaz ^_^


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