Curbing your insatiable desires

Okay, i saw this article on Teenage and felt that since this blog is on reviews, I should get this chance to talk about it…

How Far Will Greed Lead You?

Have you ever wondered why did you buy the things you bought? Is it even important? Have you ever check what you bought and think about why did you even buy it in the first place? Needs or Wants 

Try these moves!
-Pack your room
Have you ever realise that you have bought an identical piece which already have in your closet? BIG PROBLEM! What a waste there! So, before buying an item, find reasons for why do you want it . If the reasons doesn’t make sense or ridiculous , it is a want ,not a need. #Spring clean once every two months, then you will realise you have too much to clean and will want to get rid some of them

-Stop comparing
Don’t always think that others are better than you, ie they have a nicer dress , so i want to surpass her. So control yourself from wanting what others have, and you will so find that you could get something even better

-Be generous
Okay, this sounds a little weird here though but relax..Hmm, this means to not realise how much you possess, instead of of how much your are lack . Well which means to give your time and resources to others who needs your guidance and help. volunteer in old folk homes and orphanages. You can also tutor your juniors in your school. It can be subjects they weak at, or skills that they need to excel in their school.

So, i hope that this is helpful… remember that :

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction 

Love ,
THaz 🙂


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