Rubi Shoe! (Vans)


My first review…

Okay, This is a pair of vans, i bought not long ago.. It is a gorgeous coral pink, very pretty ..It is also available in dark red, lime green, bright blue, denim blue, dark purple and also white.
Upper lining:cotton

They are very comfortable, easy to wear. They don’t have shoelaces but elastics, which are hidden underneath , I suggest that you should wear cotton socks with them, most probably  those those that are under the ankle, to not let the shoe “smell” if you wear them for a long period of time and that you are under the sun for a long time.. But it is up to you as you might prefer to wear it without socks.

So, what can I wear it with?
I would suggest skinny jeans, shorts, mini skirts or even hot pants.Dresses might not fit them …For the tops, anything do… [ They actually fit any top and bottoms , but not dresses, whether long, short( i just don’t recommend ,but some people do  pull it off well) ]

Feel free to ask questions 🙂


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