Sorry , this post was supposed to be posted on the 27 , but something went wrong, therefore , I’m posting this post today…
erm well… I’m practically BURIED under all my BOOKS! Agrrr ! *sigh* This is life of a teenager…. Next 2 weeks = Examination week! Fine fine…..
Oh yeah anyway… i went out with my sis in the morning, then there was two aunties , asking for directions–
one of the aunties: Erm , excuse me.what is the route of bus 27(?) [Ps. i don’t really understood what she was saying]
me: sorry , i’m not sure
auntie:oh, are you from china? Not singaporean?
me: [ WHAT?! Why?! seriously?! Just that i don’t know the route for bus27 doesn’t mean that i’m from china][Ps. i’m not saying that i’m some country-sist , i just don’t understand why she thought that i’m from china] No , im a singaporean….
auntie: oh, thank you
fine…. i should get going now…..byebye
much Love,


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