What’s up???

Yo! okay.. i’m bored , therefore i’ve come to post something.. Haiz Mid-Year-Examinations are coming! This is sooo stressful.. My appa is forever nagging now! For everything!Who knows what happened to him! okay apart from that tomorrow is my dance assessment! Arh!!! What happen?? It seems like the dance session just started yesterday! Okay.. Chill and stay calm…

Wattpad! It seems like every one is into that app! Jes unni is totally into that! Can’t control her! I don’t understand! Okay perhaps it is because i am the kind of person that can be controlled by WORDS, I would prefer to watch dramas,shows! I would not sit there and read.. I will definitely read for 1 min and walk around.. Maybe i would read the textbook than storybooks! Guess what? I can watch the news, and read newspapers.. I just can’t read A BOOK! Ridiculous right? I never thought of that either… 

Okay, r.a.n.d.o.m. stuffs again. I am now re-watching SHINee Hello Baby! It’s just so INTERESTING! No matter how many times I watched it, it is still so nice! Running Man! Another very nice variety show! I’m so gonna watch from ep1 during the holidays!Okay random.. well, okay nites people! ( Okay, that was abrupt >.<)

THaz ❤ 


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