Don’t Give Up!!

Hello world! Have you even felt so damn down that you feel like you should not even stay on this world? Don’t fear! You are not the only one! There are loads of people feeling depressed,everyday on Earth. It isn’t you who is the only one who gets all these feelings! You never know what will happen tomorrow! Tomorrow Will Be Better! Of course, most of us will have the thought that ” The grass over there looks greener ” which means that you think that others’ are better then yours . This should not be what we should be thinking! Point Here: “Don’t Give Up!!!” You might never know when your life will change, how things might change. You can be very poor in some subjects, you can always have “ten years series” that helps you in doing questions that you are weaker at… Ask questions if you don’t understand, don’t just stand there thinking that answers will fall from the sky! Don’t give up! Okay.. I am so not me now… Fine , I should brew some tea, to cool down myself, You can do this too! It helps 🙂 Hope you can get a piece of advice here:)


THaz ❤


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