Hi! I’m with my laptop (as usual) , rainy day.. hmmm peaceful day, i guess, well not really.. doing my homework on Pressure… Sad to say.. Teacher ain’t teaching any more.. they want us to have the spirit on “Teach Less,Learn More” aka TLLM, well, I don’t get it, Pressure,no no , Physics is a hard subject and i don’t agree with TLLM here! Erm well perhaps other subjects BUT NEVER PHYSICS , kay? Uhmm , i don’t think the school will even listen to me… dots.. giving comments in my own world, and only you, my readers, listen to me.. uh.. getting emotional here, HAHAHAH.. sorry.. i go crazy sometimes.. and.. any time.. I might just burst into laughter any time.. who knows why and how?? I guess I shall work on my Pressure work.. and watch Salamander Guru later… Hmp…Just remembered that I’m running tomorrow, Damn 2.4 km , gonna die…Wish Me Luck. No, provide me with water. 😛 HAHAAHHAHAHAH.. Okay.. Here i go again.. I should control myself a little more… LOL 🙂 

THaz ❤ 


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