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Sorry , this post was supposed to be posted on the 27 , but something went wrong, therefore , I’m posting this post today…
erm well… I’m practically BURIED under all my BOOKS! Agrrr ! *sigh* This is life of a teenager…. Next 2 weeks = Examination week! Fine fine…..
Oh yeah anyway… i went out with my sis in the morning, then there was two aunties , asking for directions–
one of the aunties: Erm , excuse me.what is the route of bus 27(?) [Ps. i don’t really understood what she was saying]
me: sorry , i’m not sure
auntie:oh, are you from china? Not singaporean?
me: [ WHAT?! Why?! seriously?! Just that i don’t know the route for bus27 doesn’t mean that i’m from china][Ps. i’m not saying that i’m some country-sist , i just don’t understand why she thought that i’m from china] No , im a singaporean….
auntie: oh, thank you
fine…. i should get going now…..byebye
much Love,

What’s up???

Yo! okay.. i’m bored , therefore i’ve come to post something.. Haiz Mid-Year-Examinations are coming! This is sooo stressful.. My appa is forever nagging now! For everything!Who knows what happened to him! okay apart from that tomorrow is my dance assessment! Arh!!! What happen?? It seems like the dance session just started yesterday! Okay.. Chill and stay calm…

Wattpad! It seems like every one is into that app! Jes unni is totally into that! Can’t control her! I don’t understand! Okay perhaps it is because i am the kind of person that can be controlled by WORDS, I would prefer to watch dramas,shows! I would not sit there and read.. I will definitely read for 1 min and walk around.. Maybe i would read the textbook than storybooks! Guess what? I can watch the news, and read newspapers.. I just can’t read A BOOK! Ridiculous right? I never thought of that either… 

Okay, r.a.n.d.o.m. stuffs again. I am now re-watching SHINee Hello Baby! It’s just so INTERESTING! No matter how many times I watched it, it is still so nice! Running Man! Another very nice variety show! I’m so gonna watch from ep1 during the holidays!Okay random.. well, okay nites people! ( Okay, that was abrupt >.<)

THaz ❤ 

Don’t Give Up!!

Hello world! Have you even felt so damn down that you feel like you should not even stay on this world? Don’t fear! You are not the only one! There are loads of people feeling depressed,everyday on Earth. It isn’t you who is the only one who gets all these feelings! You never know what will happen tomorrow! Tomorrow Will Be Better! Of course, most of us will have the thought that ” The grass over there looks greener ” which means that you think that others’ are better then yours . This should not be what we should be thinking! Point Here: “Don’t Give Up!!!” You might never know when your life will change, how things might change. You can be very poor in some subjects, you can always have “ten years series” that helps you in doing questions that you are weaker at… Ask questions if you don’t understand, don’t just stand there thinking that answers will fall from the sky! Don’t give up! Okay.. I am so not me now… Fine , I should brew some tea, to cool down myself, You can do this too! It helps 🙂 Hope you can get a piece of advice here:)


THaz ❤

Long day

Hahah though it’s not the end of the day’ i would write this post now where i have time, ya know, I don’t know when my procrastination starts, so i have to do this like NOW otherwise, I’ll be on the lappy , until my umma comes home… Hah! today is the 2.4 km run, totally died ,well my timing was not that bad after all ,18.03mins , not bad… but i wasn’t really walking the whole time , but i jogged more… i walked at the second last round, not that much… Hmmm , perhaps, i should have jogged… Mehrong..Hmp My friends all took like , 17 smt , 16 smt, okay.. i have to work harder!! Hahahahahaah ok can, i shall end this now, bye guys



Hi! I’m with my laptop (as usual) , rainy day.. hmmm peaceful day, i guess, well not really.. doing my homework on Pressure… Sad to say.. Teacher ain’t teaching any more.. they want us to have the spirit on “Teach Less,Learn More” aka TLLM, well, I don’t get it, Pressure,no no , Physics is a hard subject and i don’t agree with TLLM here! Erm well perhaps other subjects BUT NEVER PHYSICS , kay? Uhmm , i don’t think the school will even listen to me… dots.. giving comments in my own world, and only you, my readers, listen to me.. uh.. getting emotional here, HAHAHAH.. sorry.. i go crazy sometimes.. and.. any time.. I might just burst into laughter any time.. who knows why and how?? I guess I shall work on my Pressure work.. and watch Salamander Guru later… Hmp…Just remembered that I’m running tomorrow, Damn 2.4 km , gonna die…Wish Me Luck. No, provide me with water. 😛 HAHAAHHAHAHAH.. Okay.. Here i go again.. I should control myself a little more… LOL 🙂 

THaz ❤ 

Funny Videos!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I just found these videos on Facebook ! This is sooooo funny!! Dubu sooo cuteee!!! Jonghyun sooo funny!! He go like ah , ah  ,ah . ah… And you’ve gotta admit that the MC are damn it cute and funny, Wait they are the guests too , Haahahaha!

Question Marks ???

Wondering why i didnt update for about a week ??? *Sniffle* I was ill , it’s the flu period …Haiz.. I had fever, sore throat, runny nose , cough… Shit that! Hahah I’m much better now, but still having abit of runny nose , and sore throat , erm and cough …Erm My Voice!!! When are you turning better?????? Ahhaahahaha… OKAY THaz shall get more rest before MYE! Nites people. Full stop for April,03 .. Have lots of sleep , drink lots of water ! Take care people!! Have CCA tomorrow! Beauty sleep here i come!!! PILLOW!!!!! BLANKET!!!!

*p.s for the childish act

Nites people ❤
THaz ^_^