Hi! Recently having milestone tests , HUGE headache !!!! Damn tomorrow will be my physics test!! OH MY tested on Dynamics And Kinetics , hope i’ll be fine!! i poor in physics, but my physics teacher has changed , well compare to my previous he is not that humorous but he does things in a systematic way which is what i think is very good ! He has his agenda on the board and trys to make us understand , he will teach bit by bit and after he finishes teaching that particular section he will move on with questions related to that section and tries to let us understand, he has a way which he likes us to ask him questions , if we dont he’ll ask us.

Now my umma is scolding me. I’m watching the TV, using com. She even scolds me for having my umbrella on my bed…Well i like to put my books under my table as i don’t like to walk to the store room to take my books, anyway my books are put in a orderly manner but what  my umma sees is that it is dump there as if it is a dump! I put my specs on the table, while i forgot how it was surrounded with my books, my umma just practically said that she should not buy me specs any more as i throw my specs as if it is nothing, i didn’t talk back to her, i tried to recall how in a way it got surrounded by the books! She told me :” How can you talk to me like that, you think you can fly now!?” WHAT ?! i’m heaty , which means i am about to get really ill,sore throat and so my voice tend to turn into a voice in an angry feeling when i try to speak louder.

Then she continues on with me not washing my cups , throwing my rubbish into the wrong bin, being such a big girl but still acts like a baby, wasting the electricity,not studying my test, not being organised in my cabinet  …dah dah dah …. Well i bet teenagers should agree with me…

Teenagers are stuck in the corner of this world! We are always the ones that are neglected, misunderstood by this world… we try our best to do every little things the adults want ! Do they even try to look at us for a while, and ask how are you doing these days? 
How people sees us these days : 
Government : Future Money Machines
Parents : Future Money Machines
We have to study, sometimes we even have to earn money, and sometimes even house chores! During holidays, we go shopping , and we go home just a little later that normal we get scoldings! Not only that we also have to do homework! Holiday,one week , everyday at home , doing home work studying for the upcoming tests . Holiday one month , go out shopping for only two days , get scolding for going out too much.. WTH ! Can anyone tell me what kind of treatment are these, is this what we get for being a teenager????? Do your umma scold you for being with your friends too much and say you got influence by your friends and tell you to leave these friends?FRIENDS are the only people who understands us in this society ! Adults always say that they are once teenagers and know how we feel but they don’t ! 

I shall stop, cool down , finish up what i shall do , prepare for tomorrow’s test , get so rest. >.< Sry for being such a..a… something… Um i can’t think of that word , Sorry!!!Well Song of the day coming up!

THaz 🙂 


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