I’m sorry that I didn’t post yesterday… I was too busy with homework and i had to study for milestone tests… It last around two weeks and tomorrow is gonna be elementary maths… I’m currently doing my revision worksheets ( which my teacher just hand it out to us today!!) …

Okay! Yesterday was very fun as I got to learn a new dance but the coach did not even tell us what is the dance, Jes helped to looked up online and she cannot find the dance in any of the recent Kpop dances, well the guys got to dance TeenTop – Crazy (Which i wanted like MAD!!!) But they are just gonna learn the chorus only , and the other part of the dance is practically hip hop.. Fine , I will just stick to what I learnt 🙂

Today, CCA… Oh My God! I must do well in remembering the dance steps if not i may get kicked out* hi-yah* And I found out that the hoobae standing behind me was also my primary school hoobae, nice knowing her! Quite cute ❤ Hehe.. This should be the end of my update, and I shall get back to my revision and wait for Jes unni to call back XD

Love You Lots, 
Haz 🙂 


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